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Think about all the great leaders that have influenced countless people in our lives. Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs. All of these leaders have seen unprecedented success. What you may not know about these leaders are all the obstacles they overcame. Very few people know all the failures, work, and opportunities that came along their path to success. During the coronavirus pandemic, leadership is once again a chance for leaders to adapt and improvise. In times of crisis and uncertainty, a strong positive mindset will see leaders and their company survive and possibly prosper. Here’s why leadership is all about mindset. 

Attitude is contagious: 

I’m sure at one point in our lives we’ve felt a negative ambiance at work, currently or in the past. This negative ambiance typically stems from the top and trickles down to all employees. If employee morale is down, leaders will have a tough time keeping their team motivated and satisfied. Let’s face it – not every day will be smooth sailing in business. There will be challenges but it’s all about reactions and responses. The first and natural response to a challenge is to focus on the negative. What leaders must do when this happens is to shift their mindset about what opportunities challenges bring. Challenges are an opportunity for leaders to adapt and grow. If you implement this subtle yet drastic change in mindset, your team will support you every step of the way. 


Working remotely brings its challenges. It’s not simple to unplug from your workday when you’re working from home. Between managing your team and ensuring your business stays afloat, there’s effort required to balance both. At all times, listening to your employees is the best way to learn what their needs are. Not every employee prefers the same management style, so tailoring your style to each member of the team will make your leadership more effective. In addition, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. Leaders need rest as well to recharge and tackle their daily tasks.