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No person ever wants to find themselves in a crisis. Whether it be at home, at a job, in a team or club, or a business, crises are never fun places to be in. They are hectic, stress-inducing, and can be extremely detrimental to the success of a team or project. In times of crisis, most people look to the leader of the group. This leader needs to be ready for the moment and prepared to handle the magnitude of the moment. But how can someone be a good leader in the face of a crisis?

One of the best characteristics of many of the world’s greatest businessmen is they are all great leaders, regardless of the situation. When things are going well, they keep everybody focused and locked in on improvement and the current goal. When things begin to go the wrong direction, they keep everyone together and focused. No moment of chaos or crisis knocks them off the path. One way many of these great leaders stay strong through times of crisis is by remaining calm. This is often difficult to do, as it may seem like the world is crashing around them. But being a calm presence that others can look to for stability and comfort will go a long way for team productivity.

Another way some leaders excel in times of crisis is through confidence. This is very similar to staying calm but can be reassuring to those who may be worried. Projecting confidence can diminish the magnitude of the situation and make the crisis seem lessened. This will reduce the amount of worrying occurring within the team or group. This confidence can be supplemented if the leader also has a well-thought-out plan to move forward through the crisis. This would give the group a tangible plan ahead, increasing the stability of the situation. This will help others feel less in the dark about the future and provide them with something to occupy their mind and time.

The biggest thing about being a better leader in a crisis is projecting confidence and stability. This will draw followers toward the leader and give them more control over an already unfortunate situation. People will know where to look and will feel less in the dark, allowing them to have a stable person to go to in the face of adversity.