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Based in New York City, Michael Troina is a professional in data analytics and marketing. Interested in what makes us tick and various aspects of human and consumer behavior, Michael foray into data began with a fascination from numbers and algorithms, and was further fostered through different social media platforms, namely his work building a successful Youtube channel and gaming platform.

A graduate of the City University of New York, Queens College- Economics BA, Business Honors, Political Science Minor and the University of California, Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business – Masters Data Analytics, Michael is passionate about pursuing innovation within the marketing and analytics sectors. But running through his passion for numbers and human psychology is his innate ability to pick up on the importance of leadership culture.

“As good as we can be at our craft, if we’re not actively trying to make the people around us better, then I don’t think we’re really doing our job.”

For Michael, leadership is something that transcends industries, and whether it be in Economics, Data Analysis, or Gaming, nothing has been more instrumental in creating greatness than the ability to lead well.

“A leader can change on the fly, adjust to all members of his team, make changes to a campaign, all while driving his team in the correct direction. It’s not about being the smartest, loudest, or most talented. It’s about someone who can do it all and get people who want to work just as hard as they are.